Find targeted business leads in seconds.

We organize local leads by industry clearly and concisely and then narrow them down based on numerous optional criteria. For example, B2B CRM helps you hone in on those businesses most active in self-marketing, and who’d love that great new product of yours.

Search By Industry

We organize local leads by any business industry and any location.

Powerful Business Insights

Narrow leads down based on optional business activity criteria.

Easily Import Leads

Easily import hundreds of business leads into your sales pipeline.

The one CRM specifically designed for SME sales.

We also features a user-friendly sales pipeline that easily tracks sales without the confusing and useless additional features found in other CRMs. There is beauty in simplicity.

Beautifully Simple

It was designed with the goal of being beautifully simple.

Easy Sales Tracking

Tired of confusing CRMs? B2B CRM provides easy sales tracking with zero feature bloat.

Focus More On Sales

With Superway Venture you can focus more on sales — rather than learning how to use your CRM.

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