Want to capture the subscribers phone number and name without your staff to collect the form and enter the data into computer manually? Which is time consuming, error prone and costly.

Why not let the subscribers do it themselves?

This probably is the most powerful feature of the SVI Notify System . You setup a keyword, define an auto-responder message, and an option to notify you if you want to be notified when someone send that keyword to SVI Notify System . DONE! Your auto responder is ready to run.

  • Automatic un-subscription
  • Unlimited Keyword


Save the hassle of organising a lucky draw by using SMS lucky draw. It’s simple, easy and fast. You can draw any number of winners from a subscriber group by a simple click. The draw result will also be stored in the draw history.

  • Quick draw from the subscribers group
  • Draw any number of winners
  • Draw result will be stored in the draw history
  • Winner can be notified through SMS Broadcast


  • Wants to collect a lot of mobile phone number opt-in but find it takes        too long?
  • Wants to organize a lucky draw and find it too tedious?
  • Wants to have an viral effect of your marketing campaign?
  • Wants to use SMS to conduct a lucky draw?

Traditional Lucky draw is a waste of time and effort!

We all have the experience of the traditional lucky draw, organizer either distribute the per-prepared ticket with the unique number to each of the guest or collect the guest name card into a box for the lucky draw.


SVI Notify System SMS auto reminder system is able to send out scheduled SMS message to individual person automatically.

  • Wants to send out SMS birthday greetings to customer on their        birthday?
  • Wants to send out SMS payment reminder to customer 7 days before       the due date?
  • Wants to send out SMS appointment reminder to customer 1 day        before the appointment date?


SMS auto follow up is a great way to educate customer, build brand awareness and customer relationship.

SMS auto follow up will send out pre-configured messages to the subscriber in a group in a pre-defined schedule. Like a SMS newsletter for each subscribers.


SMS gateway is an appliance or a software to interface with computer program or web site program, to forward the message to the users mobile phone through SMS messages.

Compare to email, SMS message is faster and more reliable way to communicate to your user.

  • Want to get a sms message when someone send a feedback on your        website?
  • Want to send a confirmation SMS when your user submit an order on        your website?
  • Want to send a notification SMS when your users order being        delivered?
  • Want to trigger an application when receive an incoming SMS        message?

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