Do You Want to Close More Deals & Increase Sales Revenue?

No Need to pay high salary, high overhead to employ more people … (Average Singaporean Sales Personnel Annual Earning $60K/per year, Sales Director $100K-$150K/per year) 

Outsource Your Sales Appointment Setting & Lead Generation To Us

We provide Corporate Outsourced Lead Generation & Management Services

Company can now focus on Attending Appointment, Closing Sales Increase Revenue
Suitable for:
  1. MNCs, Big Corporation & SMEs which need to sell products/services thru face-to-face appointment.
  2. Exhibition & Event companies which need to mobilize attendance.
  3. Companies which want to save on salary overhead and just focus on letting their salespersons and manager to attend to sales appointment and close sales plus Customer Service.

Outsourced Pure Telemarketing & Appointment Setting Service

Price: Indicative $1,850 */per month/per telemarketer-cum-Sales PA
(*Price come with providing 2-hour session/every month during contract period, to client on Sales Strategy Advisory & Training to customer’s salespersons)


Our System (100% Transparency):
  1. We will provide CCTV cameras should you want to see your staff.
  2. We will send daily/weekly/monthly report and productive workstations.
  3. We will provide you a Singaporean local number for calling out to Singapore’s sales prospects.
  4. We will provide you voice recording for you to monitor each calls made by your telemarketer.
  5. We will provide you screen-shots reports for you to monitor your staff daily task by each hour in the day.
  6. We cover from recruitment down to employee relation and help you with the training to your staff- tele-marketer.
  7. Telemarketing Schedule will be varying and based on the requirement of the contracted company.
  8. You can directly communicate to your staff and you can have the choice to choose your staff upon recruitment, you can have the choice to interview our available telemarketers or if non-of them, we will have our short-listed applicant for you to be interview.
  9. PDPA Compliance to data screening and calling by the company and the telemarketer.
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